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advanced Photography Course

This advanced digital photography course is an ideal next step once you have completed the Basics Photography course. You will also learn a number of amazing creative techniques that will help you lift your photography to the next level.

This part time photography course runs over 6 sessions, generally one session a week. You require a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, a tripod, and you need to have mastered the basic principles covered on the Basic Photography course and be able to shoot in manual mode.

Students will be taken through the course step by step, gaining knowledge to ensure that you consistently produce excellent photographs. This comprehensive course covers all the basic building blocks in the specific genres and is the perfect all round advanced course which will assist the student in deciding the passion that they wish to follow.


Course Outline

Sesson 1 –  Landscape photography

Session 2 – Wildlife and Avian Photography

Session 3 – Macro Photography

Session 4 – Portraiture Photography

Session 5 – Studio Photography

Session 6 – Basic Photoshop processing



I do not teach large groups at a time. I generally keep groups below 4 people and very often one on one. This way the attendee is never intimidated by other attendees and the teaching is personal, making it possible to learn as easily as possible.