Welcome to the home of Robbie Aspeling.

A bit about us

Robbie is a passionate, full time photographer, well known for capturing inspired imagery of birds, people and places. He has a special gift for photographing his subjects at their best and conveying their unique stories with a colourful flair.

What we do

My work has taken me all over South Africa and a lot of the world. Most of it is via referrals from others that have seen or experienced first hand what it is to have someone that is passionate not only about their own work, but about sharing the passion with others in his workshops and mentorships. “It’s so refreshing to know someone like Robbie is out there in this over crowded market”

Photography is such an exciting medium and has come along way since film, but the ability to see and interpret the world around you is exactly the same. You just have a little more control of how you capture an image and what becomes of it. There are so many awesome ways of expressing yourself or getting across a look or mood or telling a story that will always keep me striving for more. Capturing a great image in the first place has and always will be critical and this is what the best photographers are able to do. Only now we have the ability to make adjustments and really add to the originals impact or mood. This is where the excitement lies for many and for you the client it needs to be unique and can apply to weddings, portraits, buildings even objects and landscapes.